Every Day Is a New Opportunity

Living with chronic pain can be depressing and debilitating, if you allow it to be. I learned a long time ago, however, that I would be only as happy as I DECIDED to be, and so I decided to approach each day as a new opportunity. Each day I can choose to give into my pain or .... not.  Most days, I choose NOT. I realize that if I get busy doing something, get my mind off my pain, then the pain will somehow diminish. I know, that may sound pretty simple, but the truth is that my brain is stronger than my pain. When I become interested in something, the pain just seems to slide into the background, and only when I stop what I'm doing am I aware of it.  Of course, I will admit that it's easier to tolerate the pain when I faithfully use my Miracle Glide. For some reason, my fibro has decided to give me aching in my left thigh and my right shoulder, and this pain usually starts when I lie down. So I've learned that when I find myself rubbing some aching part, I just need to glide the Miracle Glide over what hurts... and in anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes, it's so much better.  In the meantime, though, I seek out whatever new opportunities come my way, from screenwriting and acting classes to meeting new people. Hope y'all have a day without pain!


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