Q. Why is it called "Bear Balm?" and why did you change the name from Miracle Glide for Pain?

A.  Our company is Two Bears Products, and it's a balm that we make to help with joint/muscle pain, so Bear Balm seemed to be a natural.  We changed the name because we're branding... I thought that "Miracle Glide for Pain" was good because it said exactly what it did, but many people thought that Miracle Glide had something to do with sex (they must know me well! haha!).  So I've asked for the help of some marketing folks and the first thing I was told was that I had to change the name. We actually spent weeks trying to come up with a new name... something that said what it was but wasn't so long and sexual-sounding... we tried all kinds of things. In my sleep one night, the word "Slap" kept coming to me, but I had no clue what that meant and I really didn't want to market something called "Slap." (BESIDES nobody would know what it was from the name, right?) But when I decided to add more products (i.e., the jelly beans), I knew the name of the product and store had to be changed. I figured that it works better than that balm named after a striped big cat, and our company is Bears, sooo.... it became Bear Balm. 

Q.  What's the scoop on these CBD-infused jelly beans?

A.   The jelly beans were developed by David Klein, the original Candy Man who founded Jelly Belly® jelly beans. David is a delightful and creative individual whose story is fascinating and sad and yet inspirational at the same time. When I first heard about CBD-infused jelly beans, I was VERY EXCITED for several reasons. The first is what I have found that CBD can do for me. (I make no medical claims about what it does and encourage everyone to do their own CBD research.)  For me, it helps me sleep more soundly, but honestly the taste of the oil was gross and the texture of the CBD gummies I'd tried was weird in my mouth. However, after taking the Bear Beans for about 10 days, I am having less pain overall. It's been YEARS since I awoke with no pain and since taking the CBD jelly beans (two or three each night before bedtime), I find that I'm waking with less overall pain. The intensity of the pain I have is less and the pain doesn't last as long as it did, AND two or three days I have actually awakened with NO PAIN.  The Bear Beans are GREAT! The texture and taste is like gourmet jelly beans!  

Q. Why are the Bear Beans so darned expensive?

A.  That's a very good question, and one that I had as well. As I have purchased various CBD-infused products, the cost is typically about $1 for 5 mg of CBD. For instance, a very popular gummy is $1 each ($30 for 30 gummies), but they only have 5 mg. of CBD. The Bear Beans have 10 mg. PER BEAN, which equates to the same cost as the gummies (but the jelly beans just taste MUCH better!). Now, the process for extracting the CBD from hemp/marijuana plans and then separating it from the THC is quite extensive, so the oil isn't cheap.  And frankly, I don't want to get high, I just want to sleep better and feel better.  

AND a second reason is that these jelly beans are manufactured in small batches to ensure that EVERY bean gets 10 mg. of CBD. There is lab testing done with each batch to ensure the very best quality of beans and those lab reports are vital in maintaining the absolute quality of our beans. We don't just want to produce a good-tasting jelly bean, we are determined to produce a CBD-effective, high quality jelly bean.

Q. What is the dusty coating on the outside of the jelly beans?

A.  That's a confectioner's sugar and keeps the jelly beans from melting and sticking together. We often ship to warmer climates, and NOBODY wants to open a package of jelly beans that have melted into a goo. So the confectioner's sugar just adds a little protective coating. Just so you know, there is no CBD in the coating, it's just sugar.

Q. Do you offer other flavors of jelly beans?

A.  In the next few weeks, we'll be adding both a Sour version and a Sugar-Free version of Bear Beans. Same great taste, just sour and sugar-free.  Honestly, I LOVE sour stuff, so I expect that the Sour Bear Beans will become my all-time favorite.

Q. Will you be adding other products besides Bear Beans and Bear Balm?

A.  ABSOLUTELY YES.  Not only will we be offering additional CBD-infused products, but we will likely be offering a CBD-oil and other products designed to help people with chronic pain. For instance, one of the things I have found MOST helpful in the kitchen is a certain type of jar opener. My hands have arthritis and I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both of them, so not only is my grip fairly weak, but when I try to open a jar, it causes extreme pain in my knuckle joints. So I want to add a jar opener to our list of products so that anyone who has hand problems can get one and KNOW without a doubt that it works very very well. As I find products that help me live better/easier/more pain-free, I'll add them. 

Q. Do you sell only to the public or to retailers, too?

A.  We are happy to offer our products to retailers. If you have a store-front or bricks-and-mortar location, such as a day spa or health food store or whatever, we'd be delighted to hear from you and make our products available to you.