The Candy Man Story

I recently saw David Klein, the original Candy Man who created Jelly Belly® jelly beans in an article about his current endeavor: bringing CBD-infused jelly beans to market. Two things struck me--the first is that I LOVE Jelly Belly® jelly beans... my love affair with them goes back more than two decades, when I worked in a toy store that had a Jelly Belly® display. We usually carried 20 or so flavors, each separated in its own separate lift-top box, and I was enthralled with first one flavor and then another. I loved almost all of them (licorice, not so much) truthfully, and thought it was fascinating to have a jelly bean that tasted like buttered popcorn... or pina colatas... or toasted marshmellows. My favorite was probably sour apple. I did my part in life to make sure those jelly beans were successful!

The other thing that struck me was that David was making CBD-infused jelly beans. YAY!  I'd tried the CBD-gummmies (as well as the THC-gummies, which made me feel hung over), but the texture when trying to chew them was so incredibly YUCKY in my mouth that it was really dreadful. I mean, it wasn't like regular gummy bears, it was... sticky and somewhat slimy. It was AWFUL. But if I could get CBD-infused jelly beans--with the flavors and textures of real gourmet jelly beans--THAT I could enjoy! But better than that---CBD-infused, flavorful gourmet jelly beans could help me address my pain and sleep issues! (I am NOT making any medical claims about CBD. Do your own research and see for yourself whether it's something you think you'd like to try.)  In trying CBD products in the past, I had discovered that their effect on ME was that they helped me sleep better. So I was excited to be able to get CBD-infused jelly beans, and began calling David's company, where I got in touch with David himself!

First, let me say that David Klein and I seem to be kindred spirits. His first jelly bean factory was just up the street from where I live! His sister lives in a park within half a mile of me! He has always been a real character, loves helping people, loves candy (duh!), and has had some real ups and downs in life, but ultimately comes out of the downs with a happy attitude and a sense of determination. Like me, David is a person who is determined to make things better. I liked that in him right away!  So I encourage you to watch his video. It's an interesting and wonderful documentary.  And then look out, because The Candy Man is coming back!